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Our right to make art, eat yummy food and be safe in our community

Arts Bridging the Gap was honored to host a very special event this past Saturday in the home of our founder and Executive Director, Georgia (me :))
For the past two years we have had a summer bbq to bring families together to celebrate love, family and sharing with art and food. This year was no exception. although we added two very meaningful and important elements.

The first was a fun sharing of art and empathy with the children in Uganda from Integrate Bayouth Dreams. Families and guests were invited to add to our oversized postcard to the children as well as make their own individual postcards to the kids. We ended up with a very diverse and colorful poster to send them. We are excited to see it up in their community. The conversations and perspectives the kids have when creating the art continue to amaze us and prove why being to connected with other children living in other parts of the world is an essential way to grow awareness and empathy in our kids.

The other element that …
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A great honor to be recognized and give our children a voice

ARTS BRIDGING THE GAP - HONORED TO RECOGNIZED - GIVING OUR CHILDREN A VOICE. We are not usually the type to sell our own press but... We are very excited to say we have been officially acknowledged by the California State Assembly, The US House of Reps and the LA City Council for our work with children. As part of the United Chambers of Commerce Inspirational Women's Luncheon our founder Georgia VanCuylenburg was given the chance to speak about the importance of giving our communities a voice, of having everyone know their story and of everyone doing what they can to change that story.

We want to thank the Chamber for this honor and are so grateful for a day to speak on behalf of all of our children

The most exciting part of this recognition for us is the credibility and  possibility this opens up to do more good for our kids. And if you want to hear Georgia talk about why that is so very important you can watch here:



We are so very full of joy at having started a Penpal/Artshare program between our children and the children of Integrated Bayouth Dreams in Uganda. Each month we choose a theme and our kids create a postcard with a piece of art and questions for their buddy and then the children in Uganda respond with theirs. We are so overwhelmed with the gratitude and love it is encouraging in both groups of kids  and we are excited to see these friendships develop.
Our kids have started asking questions like: Do they have internet? Do they have TV?Do they have families?

When I asked one of our girls if this experience made her happy to have the things she has she said yes it did but she also thought this must be making our Uganda friends grateful for what they have too...perspective.


We are still buzzing from the enthusiasm and excitement at our latest GIRLS MAKE VR workshop at VRLA FALL.
We filled all 25 spaces within days of opening up applications and both the girls and their families packed the room full of interest, passion and curiosity.
The girls learned basic unity creations skills and were able to interact with their creations in VR as they developed.
The girls enjoyed lunch, sponsored by The VR Fund and were then chaperoned around the VRLA exhibit hall to meet with developers and professionals in the VR industry.

We want to thank our Sponsors and Partners for these workshops  - Radeon- AMD- CyberPower - Oculus- Unity- The VR Fund - Youth Build Charter Schools- Environmental Charter Schools
And we are very happy to share some student Feedback from the class survey: -       - 92% of students said they found the workshop valuable -      -  78% of students said they would like to take a class like this if it was offered regula…

2017 and beyond... :)

We are so honored to have you on our team for 2017!!We are very excited for all the little (and big) lives we can play a part in changing this year and look forward to sharing the journey with you all. In 2017 we are focusing our efforts on four projects that, we believe, will have the greatest impact on the children and communities we serve. We are honored to be partnering with a number of incredible organizations to make these programs a reality. Below are the four programs. If any of these spark joy in you then I invite and welcome you to get involved as a volunteer, champion or however you would like - it's going to be a fun ride!!
Hands up for the Arts - Street Art Initiative
With the children and officers of the Hollywood Police Activities  League and the office of Council District 4 we are creating a road map of street art piece designed and created by the kids in Hollywood. We now know this experience provides ownership and civic pride in the children, improves their educatio…

These faces are happy because of you!! SWIM DONE!!

These faces are happy because of you!!

The whole ABG team have been on an incredible high since December 5th - and not just the adrenaline overdose my body is still sorting out!!

We are so bursting with gratitude for the incredible support that our community showed and the way that over 1000 people decided they wanted to do something to change the lives of children living in poverty!

We exceeded our fundraising goal by over $11,000 - raising$35,321and we had over 1000 unique donations which to us is the most magical part!

And on a side note - I kinda survived the swim. My goal was to finish in 10 hours and I'm so happy to say it only took 8.5 very grueling but amazing hours! I can honestly say it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my entire life and you guys kept me going!!

So we really wanted to say more than 'Thank you' but we haven't invented the word that quite captures it yet!!

I am so excited for the incredible work we have planned for 2017 a…